Vault Ag consists of several entities that work together in order to provide our customers with a broad range of services tailored to their specific needs. Learn more here.




Commodity Risk Management Group (or CRMG) provides consulting and brokerage services to producers, handlers, and end-users of agricultural commodities as well as diversification tools to individual investors.


Rice Dairy LLC is a dairy brokerage firm specializing in comprehensive solutions to dairy price risk management. Rice Dairy operates globally and services the entire dairy supply chain, from dairy farmers and cooperatives and to processors, physical traders, and other commercial entities.


Rice Dairy Risk Services (or RDRS) is an insurance agency focused on dairy insurance products.


Vault Technologies LLC empowers dairymen through its financial software by providing them with the relevant data and the forecasting power they need to make more informed decisions. Vault combines dairy farm data with futures prices to create a two-year forecast of your business. We offer a data-driven road map to help you achieve your business goals and a forecast that evolves with your business.